What are the Benefits of Skylight Windows

What are the Benefits of Skylight Windows

Have you considered skylight roofing? If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to give your living space more natural light and improve temperature control, skylight windows could be the solution. Let’s take a look at what a skylight is and discuss the benefits of a skylight roof. 

What is a Skylight?

A skylight is simply an installation on the roof that allows natural light to permeate into the space beneath. Most people are familiar with the traditional hinged skylights that are used to provide light and air to attic spaces. These are still a popular choice, but advances in design and window technology have resulted in a wide selection of attractive, highly functional skylights. 

Some of these include:

  • Vented skylights – these can be opened to allow fresh air to pass through. It’s always nice to have the option.
  • Fixed skylights – an installation that can’t be opened, but still allow light to enter.
  • Light tubes/solar tunnels – a skylight installed at the top of a wide tube which then carries natural light to spaces that normally wouldn’t receive any. 
  • Domed skylights – skylights with a domed structure.
  • Skylights designed for flat roofs – often known as roof lights, these are designed to ensure water drains away from the panes.

The Advantages of Roof Skylight Installations

Increased Natural Daylight

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of a skylight roof installation is the added daylight it brings to indoor space. Not only is natural daylight a cost-effective alternative to artificial light, it’s also an attractive light that greatly enhances the aesthetic look of an interior. 

Reduces Energy Bills

Particularly if you invest in a vented skylight, it’s possible to achieve a considerable amount of temperature control, by simply opening or closing the skylight. If you like fresh air, or a pleasant breeze, a skylight can be a good alternative to air conditioning, provided it’s not too warm outside. In addition, there’s no need for artificial light during daylight hours if your skylight is allowing natural light to shine through.

Make use of Wasted Space

Do you have wasted space in your home that’s currently too dark or poorly ventilated to spend time in? If so, a skylight could be the answer. The light from a skylight can be directed into almost any space, not just the room directly below. With property prices so high, it makes sense to use every inch of interior space – skylight windows could free up any unusable space.

Suitable for Almost any Property

With so many types of skylights, you can find an option that’s suitable for almost any home. We can fit skylights on pitched and flat roofs, gable ends, roofs made of various materials and in outbuildings, garages, and extensions. 

Skylight Windows are Cost-effective and Simple to Install – Ask us for a FREE Quote

Installing skylight windows can be a cost-effective improvement to transform dim, under-utilized spaces into something special. We service multiple counties and states, including Washington and Frederick of Maryland, and Berkley of West Virginia. 

Our team of experts can help you explore the best options for you. Give us a call today!

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