How to Find and Fix a Roof Leak

How to Find and Fix a Roof Leak

Does your bedroom ceiling develop a drip when it rains? Perhaps there’s a suspicious patch of stubborn dampness where the ceiling and wall meet. In these circumstances, you may have a roof leak. Although it can appear daunting at first, finding and fixing a roof leak is often easier than you might think. Read on to discover how to find and fix a roof leak. We cover ways to find leak locations, as well as answer the all-important question: can a roof leak be fixed from the inside?

How to Find a Roof Leak

Fast Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be divided into fast and slow leaks. A fast leak is a type that most people think of when roof leaks are mentioned. If you have water dripping through your ceiling or down your wall, you’re probably suffering from a fast leak.

The easiest way to find the source of a fast leak is to carefully access the loft.  Shine a light over the joists and roof interior when it’s raining and the leak is active. You should quickly spot water dripping through the roof interior, usually (but not always) close to the spot where it’s penetrating down into the room below. Note that if your joists are at a slight angle, due to subsidence or age, water hitting a joist may run down some distance before dripping to the ceiling. The site of a roof leak isn’t always directly below the source of the leak.

Slow Roof Leaks

These are leaks that occur each time it rains, but only a small amount of water penetrates into the home. Rather than a series of obvious drips, the moisture may find the easiest downward route and gradually accumulate. A musty odor in the room below the leak, bulging or discolored plaster, or a stubborn damp patch, are all indicators of a slow leak.

To identify the source, look for loose or damaged shingles near the signs of leakage. It’s normally possible to spot a structural problem which is likely the source of the leak.

How to Fix a Roof Leak

Although professional roof repair services are needed for major leaks, there’s no reason why you can’t fix a small leak yourself, depending on the cause.

If a shingle has fallen from the roof, it will need to be replaced.

If the problem is due to a hole in the roofing felt, or a minor shift in the fabric of the roof, it can often be fixed with roof leak repair sealant. These products are either tape or a liquid that can be applied over the leak. Both will cure to create a watertight seal and are a great solution for small roof leak repair jobs.

It’s perfectly possible to fix small leaks from the inside of the property – simply go up into the attic or loft, find the leak and apply a suitable sealant. You may want to find a sealant product that works on a wet surface, allowing you to fix a leak while it’s still raining.

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