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Roof repair and replacement:

When it comes to repairing or replacing our customer’s roof we undertake the task with the utmost respect and caring for our client’s property, as if it is our very own. Before commencing with complete replacement/repair we first conduct a comprehensive roof deck inspection taking into note the type of roofing material used and all the layers existing. We also note down the following points: a. The age of the decking. b. History and location of previous repairs. c. Location of all external mountings like drains and pipes etc. When it comes to leaks, we first home in onto the exact location of the leak, since water can move quite some distance from the place of origin of the leak. Also, another point to consider is to know when leaks occur, because leaks happening only during the winter months could mean ice build–up and would require a completely different solution as compared to leaks which happen after prolonged heavy rains. Finally, whatever permutation and combination of factors are involved in roof repair and replacement, we are determined to provide you with a comprehensive and long-lasting solution. Contact Us Now if Your Roof Needs Looking Into!!

Roof repair and replacement in Hagerstown, Maryland

Roof Moss Removal

What is Roof Moss?
Whereas roof algae are mostly harmless as far as physically damaging your roof, roof moss is an altogether different story.  Mosses are capable of undermining the integrity of your roof shingles, and in quick time will get under the shingles and start invading your home.  Besides the obvious structural compromise, moss can cause allergic symptoms to the inhabitants of the house.
Roof Mold (fungi) and Stain Removal:
Roof fungi, like algae are organisms that may start incubating on your roof.  They are responsible for the characteristic stains seen on many rooftops, especially the ones facing the north side. Mold thrives under shade and moisture and thus which direction your roof is facing can have an effect on how well it grows.
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