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1. I called Antietam for an estimate of some repairs needed to my roof. I was very impressed with their prompt response and how quickly they were able to fit me into their schedule. Once the inspection of my roof was complete they called me to explain the repairs needed and provided an estimate at that time. I had several shingles replaced and my gutters were nailed more securely to the house. There was also some chalking done in areas where it was needed. They were able to perform the work on that same day. I came home [I as they were finishing up. The owner was very nice as he took the time to talk with me about the how much longer it would before I would need a complete new roof and told me some information to remember when making that decision along with a possible cost. The work was done quickly and my home & yard were left clean and neat. They did repairs for me on my roof. They were quick and reasonably priced. I will have them replace my roof in the next couple of years.

2. Removal of old asphalt shingles and installation on new shingles. Damaged areas of the roof (3 sheets of plywood) were replaced. Another damaged area at the corner of the roof was repaired. Previous roof mounted attic fan was removed and new plywood was Installed. A ridge vent was installed for the entire length of the house. Some aluminium trim was removed and replaced. I wrote Jesse (the owner) for an estimate. He came to my house within 48 hours of the request for an estimate and I had a written estimate within 24 hours after that. I also received two other estimates for the same work and Antietam's price was 20% less for the same work/materials. I gave Antietam Roofing the approval to proceed. The next day Jesse was at my house with samples. We selected a color and materials were delivered to our house 5 or 6 days later. The roof was installed the day after materials were delivered. The roofers arrived at 7: 15AM and began removal of the old roofing. By 4 PM on the same day the old roof had been removed, the new roof was installed and all areas were cleaned up. The roofing crew was very efficient, professional and very willing to answer any questions that I had. I would highly recommend Antietam Roofing to anyone in their Service area.

3. I Called Jesse regarding a missing soffit tile above the front door to my house. After describing the issue over the phone he provided a price estimate and a schedule (the next day!). Arrived promptly on Friday at the appointment time and got right to work replacing the missing soffit tile. Once he completed that he did a quick inspection of the roof and found around 8 shingles that were missing and pointed out an area were shingles were missing and explained the possibilities of leaks and other problems very well. Jesse advised that he did not have any shingles that matched my roof with him at the time but that he could come back out on Monday and replace them. It is now 1pm on Monday and he has already shown up, replaced the missing shingles and provided a receipt!! The price was absolutely unbeatable at only $210 for everything, which is cheaper than a ladder tall enough to get up to a two story roof, and Jesse is completely reliable, professional and very friendly to work with! I would recommend him to anyone for their roofing needs!

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